Basketball Manitoba is pleased to formally announce the rosters for the 2016 Manitoba Provincial Teams. These four teams – 15U Male, 15U Female, 17U Male and 17U Female, will go on to train and represent the province this summer at western and national events. 

All four teams will first attend an inter-provincial warm-up event in Brandon on July 2 where they will host their counterparts from Saskatchewan.  Following that, the female teams will attend the Simply The Best Tournament in Ames, Iowa July 6-8 and then the Nike Tournament of Champions in Chicago, Illinois on July 10-12.  The male teams will attend the Mid West Summer Slam in Ames, Iowa July 8-10 and then the D1 Summer Classic in Minneapolis July 15-17.  The 15U & 17U Female teams will represent Manitoba at the Canada Basketball National Championships July 25-30 in Regina, SK and the 15U & 17U Male teams will be hosting the male National Championships August 1-6 at the University of Winnipeg.  Full information on the program and timelines can be found at  

The teams were selected from tryouts held in late May and the full rosters are...

  • PP = Practice Player
  • HC = Head Coach
  • AC = Assistant Coach

Team: 15U Female
Uni #Player School
4Anna KernaghanGrant Park High School
5Lauren BartlettOak Park High School
6Maltha UwambajimanaAcadia Junior High School
7Lana ShypitGlenlawn Collegiate
8Sydney KreitzGlenlawn Collegiate
9Rusheda GibbsSargent Park School
10Emily JohnsonShaftesbury High School
11Gurleen DhillonKildonan East Collegiate
12Alycia SosnowskiSt. Maurice School
13Claire SignatovichSt. Mary's Academy
14Light UchechukwuArthur A. Leach School
15Abby SmithH.S. Paul School
PPLisbeth HildebrandSargent Park School
PPIzabella MarquezGrant Park High School
PPKatrina RoganHenry G Izatt School
Coaching Staff
HCJP Beauchemin
ACRebecca Potter
ACDarren Sampson
Team: 15U Male
Uni #Player School
4Lamont EverdGeneral Wolfe School
5Matt MedranoSisler High School
6Cieran O'HaraSt. Paul's High School
7Terrel JordanArthur A.Leach School
8Trevonne JulianElmwood High School
9Michael ElenduKildonan East Collegiate
10Donato JosephKelvin High School
11Isaiah LetanderGeneral Wolfe School
12Illia GoloshchapovGeronymivka, Ukraine
13Donald StewartCollege Beliveau
14Kyler FilewichArthur A. Leach School
15Marcus ForemanEast Selkirk Middle School
PPJonam KazadiEcole Christine-Lesperance
PPOse IzokunVincent Massey Collegite
PPLuke CardinalSt. Paul's High School
Coaching Staff
HCNick Lother
ACCyril Indome
ACJon Giesbrecht
ACWard Anders
Team: 17U Female
Uni #Player School
2Taylor KleysenVincent Massey Collegiate
3Robyn BoulangerU of W Collegiate
4Kiara RongavillaSisler High School
5Deidre BartlettOak Park High School
6Raizel GuintoSisler High School
7Aina RamosFaith Academy
8Julia SchatkowskyVincent Massey Collegiate
9Niyah BeckerVincent Massey Collegiate
10Shemenu DayassaWestwood Collegiate
11Jillian DuncanLinden Christian School
12Emerson MartinDakota Collegiate
13Autumn AgarFort Richmond Collegiate
PPMikayla FunkNorthlands Parkway Collegiate
PPBettina ShyllonWestwood Collegiate
PPVanessa LeeVincent Massey Collegiate
Coaching Staff
HCAlyssa Grant
ACMike Tan
Team: 17U Male
Uni #Player School
2Anoush SepehriSt John's Ravenscourt
3Emmanual Akot Wasatch Academy, Utah
4Andrei SansanoSisler High School
5Don DayritSisler High School
6Daniel SackeySt. Louis Christian Academy, MO
7Tiago OliveiraGarden Valley Collegiate
8Redeemed KabashiriDakota Collegiate
9Rodney MutaasaFort Richmond Collegiate
10Wyatt TaitOak Park High School
11Matt FedakStugeon Heights Collegiate
14Greg WintMurdoch Mackay Collegiate
15Zeke PlischkeLord Selkirk Regional School
PPKeishaun MitchellDaniel McIntyre Collegiate
PPDeng Leek GeuKelvin High School
PPJustin OmagaGarden City Collegiate
Coaching Staff
HCGrant Richter
ACKirby Schepp
ACNorm Froemel

Full information on the program and timelines can be found at  

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