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Basketball Manitoba is pleased to formally announce the rosters for the 2015 Manitoba Provincial Teams. These six teams – 15U Male, 15U Female, 16U Male, 16U Female, 17U Male and 17U Female, will go on to train and represent the province this summer at western and national events. 

All six teams will first attend an inter-provincial warm-up event in Brandon on July 4 where they will host their counterparts from Saskatchewan.  Following that, the female teams will attend the Nike Tournament of Champions in Chicago, Illinois and the male teams will attend the D1 Summer Classic in Minneapolis in mid-July.  The 15U & 17U Female teams will represent Manitoba at the Canada Basketball National Championships in late July in Edmonton, AB and the 15U & 17U Male teams will be doing the same in early August in Halifax, NS.  The 16U Male & Female teams will be attending the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games in Fort McMurray, AB in mid-August.  Full information on the program and timelines can be found at  

The teams were selected from tryouts held in late May and the full rosters are...


  • PP = Practice Player
  • HC = Head Coach
  • AC = Assistant Coach
  • M = Manager

Team: 15U Female
Uni #Player School
Alyssa EsperanzateSisler High School
Autumn AgarAcadia School
Claire SignatovichSt. Ignatius School
Emily JohnsonLinden Meadows School
Jillian DuncanLinden Christian School
Lauren BartlettVan Walleghem School
Light UchechukwuArthur A. Leach School
Niyah BeckerHenry G. Izatt School
Sarah LamoureuxVincent Massey Collegiate
Sonum SidhuAcadia School
Taylor ReynoldsHenry G. Izatt School
Vanessa LeeVincent Massey Collegiate
PPAlycia SosnowskiSt. Maurice School
PPEmerson MartinDakota Collegiate
PPJanine GaringO.V. Jewitt School
Coaching Staff
HCAlyssa Grant
ACCassandra Reimer
ACHolly Kitchen
MTania Wallack
Team: 16U Female
Uni #Player School
Aina RamosFaith Academy
Annaka WebberOak Park high School
Bettina ShyllonWestwood Collegiate
Dana InglisShaftsbury High School
Debbie Nkiasi KukuVincent Massey Collegiate
Deidre BartlettOak Park High School
Jessica DyckOak Park High School
Jessica HartogVincent Massey Collegiate
Julia SchatkowskyVincent Massey Collegiate
Kiara RongavillaSisler High School
Shemenu DayassaWestwood Collegiate
Steffany ChanGlenlawn Collegiate
PPChloe EllerbrockSt. Mary Academy
PPEmily ThamRiver East Collegiate
PPTess CathersJH Bruns Collegiate
Coaching Staff
HCMitchell Catacutan
ACMorgan Cross
MGTaneesha Greaves
Team: 17U Female
Uni #Player School
Faith BaiyeThe Kings School
Jessica Marx-HoundleWestwood Collegiate
Keylyn FilewichVincent Massey Collegiate
Keziah BrothersGlenlawn Collegiate
Kyanna GilesSisler High School
Kyia GilesSisler High School
Lana MackicMiles Mac Collegiate
Liyanah SerapioSisler High School

Skylar NowrangGarden City Collegiate

Shelby SinclairGlenlawn Collegiate
Raizel GuintoSisler High School
Robyn BoulangerU of W Collegiate
PPPaige MorrisKildonan East Collegiate
PPMaricar CostosaTec Voc High School
PPVanessa MillionsElm Creek School
Coaching Staff
HCSarah Lundgen
ACMegan Johnson
ACMichele Hynes
Team: 15U Male
Uni #Player School
Aliou SesayKelvin High School
Chris AlexanderWestdale Collegiate
Cole NewkirkLinden Christian School
Justin OmagaGarden City Collegiate
Kyler FilewichA.A. Leach School
Mark TachieSt. Paul's High School
Matt FedakSturgeon Heights Collegiate
Shawn MarananSisler High School
Terrel JordanA.A. Leach School
Tiago OliveriaGarden Valley Collegiate
Tiernan MarshallMaples Collegiate
Zeke PlischkeEast Selkirk Middle School
PPDonald StewartCollege Beliveau
PPEmmanuel AsesidaA.A. Leach School
PPMarcus ForemanÉcole Selkirk
Coaching Staff
HCEric Sung
ACDamian Drzewiec
ACDallas Bosko
Team: 16U Male
Uni #Player School
Alexander StefankoMBCI
Andrei SansanoSisler High School
Anoush SepehriSt Johns Ravenscourt
Don DayritSisler High School
Greg WintMurdoch Mackay Collegiate
J.C. Aaron Garden City Collegiate
Jerome SantoyoSisler High School
Justin BaldwinVincent Massey Collegiate
Lamar EverdDaniel McIntrye Collegiate
Matthew PeterKildonan East Collegiate
Matthew YaworskySt. Paul's High School
Rodney MutaasaFort Richmond Collegiate
PPCameron MacNeil Oak Park High School
PPJoseph SmithDaniel McIntrye Collegiate

Coaching Staff
HCStephen Tackie
ACBernard Kankam
MGChiranjit Goswami
Team: 17U Male
Uni #Player School
Cameron O'HaraSt Paul's High School
David MuguguKildonan East Collegiate
Eric BraganzaMaples Collegiate
Guy HookeSisler High School
James WagnerJohn Taylor Collegiate
Joel Adu-QuayeSt Paul's High School
Josh GandierJohn Taylor Collegiate
Kniel SulleraFort Richmond Collegiate
Mason ForemanLord Selkirk Regional
Noah Horobetz SimpsonSisler High School
Riki ZimbakovJohn Taylor Collegiate
Wyatt TaitOak Park High School
PPSandeep BrarSt. John's Ravenscourt

Coaching Staff
HCDan Becker
ACJon Giesbrecht
ACJR Alexander

Full information on the program and timelines can be found at  

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