REMINDER: Basketball Manitoba announced back in July that it will be adding the 3-point line and 30-second shot clock at the Grade 8 or Junior level to the 2015 edition of the Junior High Invitational Tournament this coming March.  The change comes as a recommendation by the Basketball Manitoba Technical Committee to the Board of Directors who voted it in at its June board meeting.  The recommendation came from feedback received from coaches at this level from last year's JHIT event survey.

Since 1996, Basketball Manitoba has been hosting the Junior High Invitational Basketball Tournament (JHIT) during “March Madness”.  The tournament is open to 12 teams from each gender and level (Senior & Junior) from the Junior High / Middle School levels.  The Junior category consists of students in Grade 7 and 8.  The Senior Category consists of students in Grade 9, not playing Junior Varsity.  The event traditionally runs the third week of March.

The 2015 event will run March 23-26.  More information can be found at
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