The WMBA Foundation has announced it will be accepting proposals to construct its next high quality outdoor basketball court in the Central (Valour, Central Corydon, Earl Grey, Riverview, Magnus Eliason, Central/Freight House) area of the City of Winnipeg. The deadline for submitting a proposal is April 18th, 2014.  The WMBA Foundation has committed to build a high quality outdoor court in each of our six league areas. To date the Foundation has constructed outdoor courts at Garden City CC, Whyteridge CC, Dakota CC, Kirkfield Westwood CC, and Oxford Heights CC.

The remaining area that is eligible to apply is the Central area. The cost to construct these courts is approx. $170,000. To date the WMBA Foundation has contributed 1/3 the costs to build each of these courts. The community clubs have contributed 1/3 and 1/3 has come form City of Winnipeg Community Incentive Grants, Province of Manitoba Community Places Grants or other fundraising/grants. The WMBA Foundation is committed to contributing $50,000 towards the construction of the next court. We ask that the community club pledge $50,000 or more and the remainder is paid for from grants/fundraising/cash on hand etc.  Your proposal for building the next outdoor basketball court should include:
  1. Letter from the President/Chair of your club/centre expressing support for the project. This letter should include the clubs ability to contribute $50,000 minimum to the project. Financial statements to this effect are helpful.
  2. Drawings/plans of where your court would be located on community centre property. Additional space to build a future second court is desirable. Aesthetics, supervision, amenities, stable soil, parking, power availability and impact on neighbours should all be factored in to your choice of the ideal location.
  3. Letters of support for the project from community/players/coaches/partners/governments.
  4. Synopsis of your clubs history with the WMBA (how many years involved, total players, contributions to the league etc.)
  5. Financial/business plan for funding the projects completion. Comment on any additional financing, programming that will take place and how court will be supervised and maintained. 
  6. Willingness to develop a joint use agreement with the WMBA Foundation is a prerequisite. This agreement would allow for the occasional tournament or other infrequent event to be held by the WMBA.
  7. We currently anticipate construction to begin on this project in the spring of 2015. Construction could begin earlier if other factors need to considered.
The successful club will be notified prior to the WMBA Annual General Meeting in June 2014. An announcement of the construction of the next court will be made at this AGM. Questions about submitting your proposal may be sent to Darcy Coss ( or Dwight MacNeil, Chair of the WMBA Foundation (

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