Coach Herve Vincent was born and raised in France where his dedication to the game began in 1988 when he joined a basketball club. He has been involved in coaching since 1997 where he started as a volunteer and became a certified coach in 2005. He earned his degrees in sociology, education and sports training at the University of Rouen (France).

He has coached and trained players at all levels, from youth to adult, at both the city and national level since 1997.  He has experience in promoting basketball via presentations in schools, community centers, university, tournaments and skill camps.

From 2006 to 2009, he worked as a technical supervisor for the youth basketball development program in the SPO Rouen club, where he developed and implemented specifics youth skills program. He was nominated head coach for the best grade 6 player's selection at the regional level with players selected in the regional training program every season.

In 2009, he moved to Winnipeg and joined the Junior Bisons program and started his work with Basketball Manitoba's CP and TMHS programs. He became assistant coach for the Bisons' Men's program in 2010 and is also involved with Kelvin High School. He started his certification in Canada, plus this basketball addict has played on more than 40 playgrounds around the world.
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