The Canada Basketball/Basketball Manitoba Center for Performance Program is a regional training centre designed to bring together male (ages 12-15) and female (ages 12-17) Canadian basketball athletes.  The program targets high potential athletes and provides them with advanced level training and experiences to help them develop into an elite level basketball player. 

Basketball Manitoba gratefully acknowledges the support of the Sport Medicine Council of Manitoba to the Centre for Performance Program!

Male and female athletes from Manitoba are identified on an annual basis to participate in the Manitoba Region Centre for Performance training programs. The program is directed at training athletes. The program runs from September to December before pausing for the school season. There will be classroom sessions in January and February before the program wraps up in early April leading into the 15U Provincial Team spring try-outs.

The female program will also have an expanded competiton component added to the program with addionial games through out-of-province tournaments and other exhibiton games to add to the training component.

More Information

What is Canada Basketball’s Centres For Performance Program?
  • Canada Basketball’s Centres for/de Performance (CP) program is an elite program for players and coaches designed to teach individual offensive and team fundamentals while also presenting aspects of sports science that are necessary to become a high level player and coach.
  • The Centres for Performance program is the key component of Canada Basketball’s national player and coach identification and development strategy.
  • Canada Basketball’s – Centres for Performance program was established because of an identified need for a more systematic, thorough and unified national approach to identify and develop outstanding junior basketball players in every province and territory in Canada. It was also identified that a network of coaches be established and continuing development of this network of coaches be undertaken to ensure the thorough and contemporary delivery of the technical program to the athletes.
  • Our vision is to become a world leader in basketball development.

How Does Canada Basketball’s – Centres For Performance Program Work?
  • The Centres for Performance program is a nationally directed initiative which is delivered through the provinces/territories in partnership with the Canadian Sports Centres across Canada.  The Center For Performance is the start of the National Team identification pathway for athletes.
  • The program offers highly qualified coaching staff trained with National Team curriculum to work with participants between the ages of 12 to 15.
  • The program has a heavy emphasis on developing individual fundamentals and also teaches team principles of play.
  • Players receive education on sports nutrition, psychology, strength, agility and physical testing.

What does the CP provide?
  • Individual skill development
  • Team concepts development
  • Strength and agility education development
  • Sports nutrition education
  • Sports psychology education
  • Sports injuries management/education
  • Development of applied, practical coaching techniques
  • Time management, planning and personal development skills
  • Canadian and international professional development opportunities for coaches
  • Interactive and positive learning environment


Contact Dan Becker for more information on the Centre for Performance Program.
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