Yoga Public is spreading it’s good karma to the Inner City Wesmen program this August, and the girls basketball team is excited to attend classes that will benefit them in more ways than one.  Yoga Public pledged to donate all proceeds from their Karma yoga classes and donate 100% of them to the girls team to help cover expenses of traveling and lodging for out-of-town tournaments, and defend their hard-earned championship title.



This inner city cause not only helps the girls learn the benefits of teamwork and motivation, but it encourages them to stay in school and do better for themselves.  Coach Bob Axworthy mentors the girls and over the last 7 years he has been able to help change the lives of hundreds of young Winnipeg girls.  Many have even gone on to receive scholarships at the University of Winnipeg, something they believed would not have previously been possible, without Bob and the team’s influence.

Bob Axworthy is an active local figure, and has helped develop several other inner city programs which can be seen at . It takes just one person to start a movement and Bob is a strong example of what can be done to bring forth change to our city.

“We’re very excited to have the support of a local business that understands the needs of a program such as ours, serving the inner city and young women who deserve an equal chance.”

Yoga Public has become known for their generous nature and has given percentages of sales to deserving local causes since they opened their doors in 2011.  It’s forward-thinking businesses like this, that help nurture the culture and dynamic of our downtown area.

It’s positivity like this, that helps shape a better future for Winnipeg.

To attend Karma yoga classes, please visit  to view their schedule, as this class’ schedule changes each month.

For more information about this program, please contact:

Bob Axworthy at, 204-489-0720,


Jamie Michie at, 204-998-5496. 



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