The Junior Bison Basketball club is proud to announce the recipients of the scholarships program. This year, former junior bison players Andre Arruda-Welch and Devin Antymniuk are awarded with a financial assistance of $500. Both are enrolled as first year students at the University of Manitoba, we would like to encourage them in their future achievements.


Devin played for 4 years for the Junior Bison program. The Glenlawn collegiate student is also involved in coaching and referring in the community. His passion for the game is now a source of motivation to help other players to develop, nourished by his experience in the club : “My experience with the junior bison showed me that if you’re enjoying the game and playing worry-free, you can have success “.

Andre spent the last 2 years with the Junior Bison program. Maybe the most dominant high school player and champion with the Garden city gophers last season, Andre is now part of the University of Manitoba Men's team.“Too talented offensively to not take more of a leadership role” (high school coach Phil Penner) the shooting guard added another dimension in his senior year, becoming a true winner who leads by example.


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