Big Country Basketball has announced details on its fall developmental plans including an open house for everyone to come and check out the program.  For returning athletes this will be a bonus session to get back into the rhythm of the game.  There will be no charge for this session.  For full details...

Sunday - September 23, 2012

University of Manitoba - Investors Group Athletic Centre


3:00pm to 4:15pm 

  • Co-Ed, Kindergarten to Grade 3 

  • Boys, Grade 4 - 6

  • Girls, Grade 4 - 6

4:15pm to 6:00pm

  • Girls Grade 7 - 12

New this year we are also looking at some Team Training.  Depending on athlete interest we have booked some additional gym time and coaches.  The goal will be to have the Boys (Grade 4 - 6) team training on Tuesday nights and Girls (Grades 4 - 12) team training on Thursday nights.  For these sessions we will be working towards a better understanding of Offensive and Defensive sets, group dynamics and developing the athletes in game situations.  Where there are enough athletes and interest (during this session), we have identified a number of weekend tournaments that we would be able to enter.


The Fall Developmental Programming Fees will be $135.00 for every athlete this Fall.  For the Team Training the Registration fees all be $115.  Any Tournaments will be an extra cost based on the number of athletes and interest.


Please let us know if you will be joining us at the September 23, 2012 session.  For more information about the Big Country Basketball program please contact Stephen Lamoureux at

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