2012-Hoops-from-the-Heart-L.jpgROSTERS ANNOUNCED: It’s bigger and better than ever this year!! See stars from the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan, University of Fraser Valley, Lakehead University, Red River College, Canadian Mennonite University, Medicine Hat College, and many more play in two exciting back-to-back games on this Tuesday evening (June 19) at the Duckworth Centre at the University of Winnipeg!! Stars like Kevin Oliver, Mike James, Peter Lumoro, Chad Posthumus, David Kohler and many more will be dunking like you’ve never seen before! And this year we’ve got the ladies involved too! The first game at 6:15 pm features the University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba in a combined team facing an All Star team of players from Colleges and Universities across the country. The game immediately following at 7:30 pm features a cross-town rivalry renewed for the upcoming year whereby the University of Winnipeg women will tangle with the University of Manitoba women!  Full details on the event can be found at...


Everyone is welcome to come out to the games. The proceeds from the game will support inner city kids and heart research at St Boniface Hospital. Heart disease remains the #1 cause of death today and inner city kids would greatly appreciate your support too! Enjoy two outstanding games featuring some of the best basketball players in Manitoba. Win an autographed basketball or a Phoenix Suns jersey signed by two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash! Bring out your friends, help out your community, your own family, and support basketball in Manitoba!


University of Manitoba /University of Winnipeg Men’s Basketball Team

Coaches: Kirby Schepp, Mike Raimbault and Ogo Okwumabua


  • Xavier Smith

  • Amarjit Basi

  • Kevin Oliver

  • Wyatt Anders

  • Amir Ali

  • Travis Krahn

  • Patrick Mart

  • Jordan Kelly

  • Kristjan Lamont

  • Pawel Gacon


Canadian University College All Star Team

Coaches: Darcy Coss and Sukhinder Singh


  • Jamal Farley – (Brandon University)

  • James Elias – (Brandon University)

  • Mike James – (University of Fraser Valley)

  • Peter Lomuro – (University of Saskatchewan)

  • Matej Juric – (Canadian Mennonite University)

  • Matt Koenig – (Canadian Mennonite University)

  • Mike Hebert – (Red River College)

  • Kyle Quago – (Red River College)

  • Tyler Pierce – (Medicine Hat College)

  • Chad Posthumus – (Morehead State (Texas))

  • JR Alexander –(Lakehead University)

  • David Kohler – (Lakehead University)


University of Manitoba Bison Women’s Basketball

Coach: Michele Hynes


  • Stephanie Gill

  • Morgan Cross

  • Karina Patterson

  • Robyn Eyer

  • Brittany Koop

  • Sheree Carmona-Galdamez

  • Rebecca Potter

  • Maria Pawlyshyn


University of Winnipeg Wesmen Women's Basketball

Coaches: Tami Pennell, Richard Gooch


  • Alyssa Grant

  • Stephanie Kleysen

  • Kerri Kuzbyt

  • Lauren Anderson

  • Taylor Thorkselson

  • Alex Warburton

  • Megan Noonan

  • Danielle Baril

  • Katie Waring

  • Yael Kaplan

  • Tia Coulter

  • Kelsey Solarchuk 



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