On Wednesday, November 8, at 1:00 p.m., members of the Brandon
University Bobcats will be at Valleyview School to launch the new
Bobcat - Brandon School Division initiative and introduce the new
Bobcat mascot.


The new initiative will benefit all early / middle year schools of the Brandon School Division and allow the Athletic program to meet our goal of enhancing community relationships and fostering community partnerships.

The Bobcats’ Brandon School Division Initiative will see:

  1. Each early / middle year school will receive 100 complimentary Bobcat game passes to be used at a dedicated afternoon / evening honouring your school.

  2. Each early / middle year school will receive 4 complimentary adult “all sport” Bobcat season passes to be used by the school’s teachers / administrators.

The new Bobcat mascot will be having a coming out party at Valleyview School. After a reviewing 20+ name nominations, a cross campus committee has made a decision for the name of our mascot.

This event is open to the media! Please rsvp with Xanthe Burch at the contact numbers below.

Should you have any questions about these or any other Athletics related items, please contact Rick Nickelchok, Athletic Director at 727-7405 or nickelchokr@brandonu.ca, Kelly Stifora, BU Communications Officer at 727-9762 or stiforak@brandonu.ca, Xanthe Burch, Athletic Clerk, at 727-7375 or burchx@brandonu.ca

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