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Basketball Positions
  Point guard
Shooting guard
Small forward
Power forward
Additional Positions
Point forward

The positions in basketball are the five positions normally followed by basketball teams. The rules of basketball do not mandate them, and in lower games they are sometimes not used. The five positions are:

  • Frontcourt Positions:

Usually plays at the bottom of the key. Also called the post. The
center isn't usually the best shooter on the team and mostly plays in
or near the key, scoring by backing the defending player down. The
center is usually used in the pick and roll play along with the point
guard. Most centers are 6'10" and up.

The power forward is usually played on the opposite side of the key
than the center, and is usually able to double as a center. Power
forwards set many picks for other players on the court, and can usually
shoot mid range shots. Usually 6'8" to 7'.

The small forward is the most versatile and is the middle man. They
can't dominate in the paint like power forwards and centers, or knock
down continuous 25 and 30 footers like two-guards, but should be able
to score. They are also in betwen in size being 6'5" to 6'11".
Additionally, the point forward is sometimes substituted for the power or small forward.


Point guards are usually the primary ball handlers of their team,
and are typically given the task of bringing the ball up the court. A
good point guard who is willing to pass the ball, but can also shoot
when necessary is a valuable asset to a team. Point guards run the
team, and are usually one of the shorter players, generally being 6'5"
and under, with exceptions like 6'9" Magic Johnson.

The shooting guard, as its name states, is usually one of the best
shooters on the team. They should be able to constantly hit 20 foot
jump shots, although some players, such as Dwane Wade,
have a great deal of success at the position without a strong outside
shot. Ball handling is an important skill and, to a lesser extent, so
is passing. They can be as tall as point guards or power forwards,
ranging from 6'2" to 6'8".

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