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Streetball is an urban form of basketball, played in playgrounds and imitated in gymnasiums across the world. It has been prominently featured as part of the AND1 company's heralded "Mixtape Tour" across America which has vastly popularized the game with extensive media coverage.




Rules and Features

While the rules of Streetball are essentially/theoretically the same
as normal basketball, Streetball places a higher emphasis on one-on-one
matchups between the offense and defender. Often the attacker will
perform numerous flashy moves while attempting to drive to the basket,
including crossovers, jab steps, and other fake-out tricks. Streetball often features spectacular dunks and alley oops, impressive ball handling, and trash talking.

Certain rule violations in traditional basketball, such as carrying,
do not apply in Streetball. Style is often the determining factor in
what is and is not legal in a Streetball game - if it looks good, it's
not against the rules. In this sense, Streetball is as much performance
art as it is an athletic contest.

However rules very widely from court to court. Almost invariably a
"Call your own foul" rule is in effect, and a player who believes he
has been fouled, simply needs to call out "Foul!", and play will be
stopped, with the ball awarded to the fouled player's team. The
etiquette of what rightly constitutes a foul, as well as the
permissable amount of protestation against such a call, are the
products of individual social groups, as well as of the level of
seriousness of a particular game. An outsider at a playground should
closely observe the status quo in these matters. Some areas where
different interpertations of rules are likely to occur are:
1)travelling- whether a step is permissable prior to dribbling, and how
many more than the nominally permitted one and a half steps should be
allowed at the end of the dribble. 2) hand(and leg)-checking on
defense- how much can one touch the person one defends and how much
physical presure may one apply in so doing.


A common feature to Streetball is the 'pick up game'. To participate
in most Streetball games across the world one simply go to an outdoor
court where people are playing, indicate a wish to participate, and
once all the players who were at the court before you have
played you will get to pick your team out of the players available and
play a game. Many games play up to 7,10 or 11 points with all baskets
counting as one point (sometimes shots beyond thee 3 point arc count as
2 points). Ballers often play 'win by 2' which, as in tennis, means
that the team has to win by a margin of at least 2 clear points.
Sometimes a local "dead end" limit applies; for instance a game may be
played to 7, win by 2, with a 9 point dead end, which would mean scores
of 7-5, 8-6, 9-7, or 9-8, would all be final; while with scores of 7-6
or 8-7, play would continue.

The most common streetball game is 3 on 3 played half court though often 5 on 5 full court can be found.

Streetball Slang

Slang Definition
in your face To shoot with a defender close up
crossed For the defender defeated by a cross over
jam, slam Dunk
Alley A shot made in the air from a pass
no look A pass made without looking in the direction of the person being passed to
stuff, swat, rejection When an opposing player's shot is blocked
screen To block a player with your body in order to free up a teammate
rainmaker A made shot, usually from long range
ankle breaker A crossover so vicious that the defensive player slips or falls down
and one The basket is good and there was an uncalled foul


Famous (non-AND1) streetballers that have either achieved legendary
status, have played in major streetball leagues, or have appeared on
television shows

Video games

Streetball has been featured in:

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