Canada Basketball is seeking additional basketball clubs in Manitoba to join the National Verification Program heading into the 2024-25 season.  Current clubs which hold the Verification standard are the Attack Basketball Club and Crossover Basketball Club along with the MiniBallers youth basketball program.

The Canada Basketball Verification Program is available for free to all Canadian basketball clubs, associations, and community groups and integrates important aspects of coaching, safe sport, and organizational leadership.

“As we work towards unifying our nation through the game of basketball, launching the Canada Basketball Verification Program is a critical step in that process,” said Michael Bartlett, President & CEO of Canada Basketball. “When a basketball club or program has achieved ‘Verified’ status, its members can participate with the peace of mind knowing that they can play the game they love in a safe and inclusive environment, which aligns with the best practices of Canada Basketball, while also receiving top quality skills training and development.”

Canada Basketball, in partnership with the provincial/territorial sport organizations (PTSOs), developed a set of minimum standards and criteria to enhance the delivery of basketball, elevate the participant experience, and thereby improve the overall basketball system across Canada.

The Canada Basketball Verification Program aims to provide all stakeholders involved with the game – athletes, parents, coaches, officials, and organizers – with assurance that their “Verified” organization not only aligns with the best practices for basketball programming in Canada, but also delivers an experience for all basketball participants in a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment.

As a Verified organization, each club/association and its members will receive a variety of additional benefits, including: free access to Game Plan, Canada Basketball’s comprehensive coach education program, custom “Verified” branding for use on their website and social media, as well as access to discounted Canada Basketball merchandise and much more.

The foundational standards of the program have been built on the following three pillars:

Safe Sport & EDI

Safe Sport & EDI encompasses the awareness and action taken to ensure sport is safe and inclusive. This involves reporting maltreatment of athletes, background screening, and recognizing social issues such as diversity, inclusion, gender equity, and assisting athletes with financial barriers to participation.

Technical Skills

Technical Skills addresses on court programming, and ensures the alignment of athlete and coaching pathways. This includes: developmentally appropriate training for athletes, coach education, and overall Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

Governance and Administration

Governance & Administration encompasses the policies, processes, systems, and controls by which the organization is run. In general, this provides strategic leadership and assisted decision-making to achieve the vision of the organization while managing staff, volunteers, and financial resources.

To apply for the Canada Basketball Verification Program or for additional information, click here.


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