Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce the details on those honoured at the Basketball Manitoba Awards on Saturday, April 13, as All-Manitobans, Players of the Year, Coaches of the Year, Carl Ridd, Mike Spack Lifetime, Jim Bulloch Coaching, Ron Meyers Leadership Award, Donovan Gayle Scholarship, Morris Glimcher Managers Award, and the Lena Wenke Courage Award winners along with special recognition and service awards.


Basketball Manitoba would like to thank the following for their support of the Basketball Manitoba Awards...
  • Sport Manitoba
  • Boston Pizza
  • Manitoba Museum
  • Kahunaverse Sports
  • Wilson Sports
  • Under Armour
  • Rogers
  • Manitoba Sportswriters and Sportscasters
  • Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials 
  • Balling for the Cure     
Basketball Manitoba proudly presents the All-Manitoba Teams, Players of the Year, Coaches of the Year, Special Recognition Awards and Coaching Service Awards to those who have excelled on the basketball court at the high school level this past season.



AAAA Male Player Of The Year:
  • Kismayo De Michael, Dakota Collegiate
AAAA Male All-Manitoba Team:
  • Magnus Carlos, Vincent Massey Collegiate
  • Inderjeet Brar, St Paul’s High School
  • Lance Mangaron, Sisler High School
  • Taven Vigilance, Oak Park High School
  • Chris Piotrowski, Vincent Massey Collegiate

AAA Male Player Of The Year:
  • Dante Dyck, Garden Valley Collegiate
AAA Male All-Manitoba Team:
  • Elijah Wiebe, Westwood Collegiate
  • Felip Elizade, Neelin High School
  • Jordan Hernandez, Nelson McIntyre Collegiate
  • Josh Bagaza, Elmwood High School
  • Russel Mdoba Lawa, Collège Louis-Riel

AA Male Player Of The Year: 
  • Stellan Chammartin, École Régional Gabrielle-Roy
AA Male All-Manitoba Team:
  • Caleb Kinden, Frontier Collegiate
  • Easton Dubois, Collège Régional Gabrielle-Roy
  • Lachlan Cuthbert, Lac Du Bonnet Senior School
  • Kobe Jonsson, Frontier Collegiate
  • Trey Penner, Souris School

A Male Player Of The Year: 
  • Tyrese Bercier, Frontier Mosakahiken
A Male All-Manitoba Team:
  • Tyson Allard-Christensen, École Communautaire Aurèle-Lemoine
  • Fernandez Monias, Frontier Mosakahiken
  • Kelby Deihl, Glenboro School
  • Luke Blok, Dufferin Christian
  • Ryder Clarkson, Wawanesa School

AAAA Female Player Of The Year:
  • Izzi Fust, Dakota Collegiate 
AAAA Female All-Manitoba Team:
  • Paige Schatkowsky, Vincent Massey Collegiate
  • Abby Sweeny, Dakota Collegiate
  • Darya Rom, Dakota Collegiate
  • Amira Lawrence, Garden City Collegiate
  • Madison Schettler, Garden City Collegiate

AAA Female Player Of The Year: 
  • Ivy Bestland, Sanford Collegiate
AAA Female All-Manitoba Team:
  • Fiona Garcia, Virden Collegiate
  • Abigail Shand, Churchill High School
  • Alexis Kemp, Elmwood High School
  • Halle Penner, Sanford Collegiate
  • Maria Bergen, Garden Valley Collegiate

AA Female Player Of The Year: 
  • Colby Darragh, Warren Collegiate
AA Female All-Manitoba Team:
  • Bryn-Lee Procter, Warren Collegiate
  • Maria Gundrum, Nellie Mcclung / Prairie Mountain Co-Op
  • Bethany Carter, Collège Gabrielle Roy
  • Ava Sanders, Nellie Mcclung / Prairie Mountain Co-Op
  • Kaitlyn Fieber, Hapnot Collegiate

A Female Player Of The Year: 
  • Lexie Shearer, Glenboro School
A Female All-Manitoba Team:
  • Jane Mclean, Glenboro School 
  • Shayla Pahl, Ste. Rose School
  • Sumer Thompson, Minegoziibe Anishinabe
  • Surrey Smith, Hamiota Collegiate
  • Abby Swannell, Ste. Rose School


The Carl Ridd Award annually recognizes one graduating male and one graduating female basketball player who excels on the basketball court and in the classroom and is heavily involved in the community. Basketball Manitoba will recognize this achievement with a $500.00 scholarship to a male and a female recipient to be used towards a recognized post-secondary institution the following year.

Male Carl Ridd Award Winner: 
  • Blake Penner, Dakota Collegiate
Female Carl Ridd Award Winner: 
    • Fiona Garcia, Virden Collegiate

    The Manitoba Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, in partnership with Basketball Manitoba, is proud to recognize one outstanding male and one outstanding female grade 12 student who best meets the standards Ron Meyers set as a leader in the community. The MSSA will recognize this achievement with a $500.00 scholarship to a male and a female recipient to be used towards a recognized post-secondary institution the following year.

    Male Ron Meyers Leadership Award: 
    • Sukhman Brar, Kildonan East Collegiate
    Female Ron Meyers Leadership Award: 
    • Darya Rom, Dakota Collegiate


      The Donovan Gayle Scholarship of $500.00 each recognizes two local basketball players who best represent Donovan’s attributes of strength, resilience, positive attitude and perseverance.  The award comes as proceeds from the Balling for the Cure basketball tournaments held in the past. 

      Since 2014, the cause has raised over $25,000 to support CancerCare Manitoba, and now, it supports these scholarships.  This award will be used as financial assistance towards post-secondary education for the upcoming school year.

      • Male: Kismayo De Michael, Dakota Collegiate
      • Female: Alexis Kemp, Elmwood High School


        Varsity Coaches of the Year
        • A Boys Coach of the Year: Shane Vander Vegte & Garrett Hillmer, Dufferin Christian School
        • A Girls Coach of the Year: Ryan Zadorozny & Devin McLean, Glenboro School 
        • AA Boys Coach of the Year: Matthew Chammartin, Collège Régional Gabrielle-Roy
        • AA Girls Coach of the Year: Marvin Gundrum & Jeff Peacock, Prairie Mountain / Nellie McClung Co-Op
        • AAA Boys Coach of the Year: Danis Karuba, Collège Louis Riel 
        • AAA Girls Coach of the Year: Kelli Sinnock, Sanford Collegiate
        • AAAA Boys Coach of the Year: Jason Poponne, Daniel McIntyre Collegiate
        • AAAA Girls Coach of the Year: Eric Sung, Dakota Collegiate
        Junior Varsity Coaches of the Year
        • JV Boys Coach of the Year: Trever Penner, Souris School
        • JV Girls Coach of the Year: Tim Brock, WC Miller Collegiate 
        Junior High Coaches of the Year
        • Boys Coach of the Year: Ishpaul Cheema, St. Paul’s High School
        • Girls Coach of the Year: Raj Brar, Garden City Collegiate

        Open Category Coach of the Year
        • Joel Coursey, Providence University College Women’s Basketball Team


        This $500.00 scholarship is sponsored by retired MHSAA Executive Director Morris Glimcher and is presented annually to a student manager from the basketball community.   The scholarship has been presented by the MHSAA since 1998 and will now join the other awards and recognitions made annually by Basketball Manitoba.  Morris retired from the MHSAA after over 40 years as its Executive Director in 2016 and was inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame in 2012.  

        The award recognizes a student manager with a varsity high school basketball team currently in grade 12 in Manitoba with a minimum average grade of at least 65%.  

        • Jerwin Ubasa - Sisler High School

        The Jim Bulloch Award annually recognizes a basketball coach with financial support to allow them to upgrade his or her knowledge and expertise in basketball, which will directly impact player and program development, including sponsorship to a major coaching clinic outside of Manitoba.

        • Choi Vega, Garden City Collegiate


        The Lena Wenke Courage Award has been developed to recognize an individual who has overcome a number of obstacles and challenges in life while staying involved in the sport of basketball. The award is being named after its first recipient, Lena Wenke, and will be presented in future years, carrying her name with it indefinitely.  

        • Kismayo De Michael, Dakota Collegiate


        The Mike Spack Award annually recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the growth and development of basketball in Manitoba over a sustained period of time.

        • Bryan Kornberger, Glenlawn Collegiate


        Basketball Manitoba made a special presentation to recognize the seismic shift our sport is currently experiencing.  

        The Winnipeg Sea Bears have made a remarkable impact on the basketball scene in Manitoba since their inception just over a year ago. Their presence has infused the Manitoba basketball community with fresh energy, igniting unprecedented levels of interest at all levels of play across the province. Notably, their establishment has filled a significant 25-year gap in the local professional basketball landscape, providing a platform for aspiring athletes to aspire to and fans to rally around.

        The ripple effects of the Sea Bears' success are felt across generations. For younger players, seeing a local professional team thriving inspires and validates their dreams of pursuing basketball at higher levels. 

        Beyond immediate excitement, the Sea Bears' impact bodes well for basketball's future trajectory in Manitoba. The surge in interest and participation at all levels lays a solid foundation for sustained growth and development of the sport. 

        In essence, the Winnipeg Sea Bears have revitalized professional basketball in Manitoba and catalyzed a broader movement that promises to shape the sport's landscape for generations to come.


        The Basketball Manitoba Coaching Service Awards recognize coaches who have a sustained long-time commitment to coaching in the sport of basketball.

        15 Years
        • Erin Stones, Glenlawn Collegiate
        • Jen Piasecki, Fort Richmond Collegiate
        • Jonathan Janzen, Miles Macdonell Collegiate
        • Jeremy Siemens, Westgate Mennonite Collegiate
        20 Years
        • Ryan Diehl, Glenboro School
        • David Day, Nelson Mcintyre Collegiate
        25 Years
        • Brent Amos, Windsor Park Collegiate
        • Chiranjit Goswami, Dakota Collegiate
        • Christy Steeves, Stonewall Collegiate
        30 Years
        • Adam Khan, Vincent Massey Collegiate
        • Lyndon Baerg, Westgate Mennonite Collegiate

        Basketball Manitoba Awards AAAA Girls All-Star Game

        Team Rogers 103 Team Wilson 78

        Basketball Manitoba Awards AAAA Boys All-Star Game

        Team Under Armour 108 Team Kahunaverse 97

        Basketball Manitoba Awards A, AA, AAA Girls All-Star Game

        Team Rogers 70 Team Wilson 62

        Basketball Manitoba Awards A, AA, AAA Boys All-Star Game

        Team Under Armour 98 Team Kahunaverse Sports 80

        THANK YOU!! 
        Basketball Manitoba would like to thank the Basketball Manitoba Awards planning and event committee for all their work in making the event a possibility!
        • Stacy Hawash
        • Jen How
        • Chiranjit Goswami
        • Hank Nyman
        • Don Thomson
        • Eric Sung
        • Kelli Sinnock
        • Victoria Zuk
        • Jon Janzen
        • Jason Poponne
        • Dean Favoni
        • Colten Gryba
        • Michael Tan
        • Christy Steeves
        • Cam MacNeil
        • Victor Lee
        • Adam Khan
        • Tyler Penner
        • Daniel Tan
        • Crystal Wiegner 
        • Allan Gutierrez 
        • John Gaudes
        • Tom Hallick
        • Dan Becker
        • Randy Kusano
        • Tiara Licsi
        • Joey Slattery 
        • Rob Tibbs
        • Suraj Kanda
        • Sara Gillis
        • Nola Wedlake 
        • Mary Wedlake 
        • Emma Wedlake 
        • Adam Wedlake
        Basketball Manitoba would like to thank the following Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials for volunteering cover the All-Star Games…
        • Martha Bradbury (Assignor) 
        • Ryan Wiebe
        • Stacy Hawash
        • Anne Smith
        • Wyatt Anders
        • Garret Delf
        • Keith Appah
        • Grant McMannes
        • Marc Martin
        • Paul Issak

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