• Position: Guard
  • Fourth Year
  • Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.

When Bartlett took the floor this season, she was playing for more than just the team name on her jersey. She was also playing for her father Colin, who lost his battle with cancer shortly before the start of the season. Despite the heavy emotional toll of losing a father, Bartlett continued to show up to the gym every day and found joy in playing the game her and her dad loved. She showed tremendous resilience through the ups and downs of the season, taking an increased leadership role while maintaining the same level of play that has led to her becoming the program leader in nine different career stat categories.

“The part that I am most proud of her for is the way she has shown vulnerability and allowed herself to accept help from the Bison community while still doing the hard part of showing up every day ready to give her best,” says Bisons women’s basketball head coach Michele Sung. “Even with this extremely difficult situation she found a way to process the grief while still enjoying her last year of university basketball. I think Lauren is the exact example that the Tracey McLeod Award was intended to recognize.”

Bartlett will move forward as the Canada West nominee for the U SPORTS Tracey McLeod Award.

Source: https://canada-west.prezly.com/wbb-belmore-named-cw-player-of-the-year

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