The family of the late Dennis Wilson is working on a legacy project to honour him. If friends, classmates, players, students and/or colleagues wish they are welcome to participate. The goal is to collect as many memories of his life as possible. 

He was a student at Windsor School, Glenlawn, United College and the University of Manitoba. He was a Phys Ed teacher and taught history at Glenlawn Collegiate, where he also coached basketball and volleyball. He was a Principal at Oakenwald, Crane, Acadia, and Whyte Ridge Schools. He organized basketball programs at several elementary and junior high schools.  He was inducted into the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame in 2019

Specific memories are especially interesting, and we love these. If you knew him well, please share how he might have affected your life. Photos would be most welcome, especially if the people in them are identified. You may have newspaper articles you could share. 

We invite you to write as much or as little as you wish. Please include your name and your connection to Dennis (student, colleague, etc.) and send your message to...

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