Embark on a virtual journey through the heart of Manitoba's basketball legacy with the launch of a new online database using the "Musetoba" archive system by the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum. This new online database invites fans to explore over 600 artifacts, including memorabilia, pictures, and more, showcasing the rich tapestry of basketball in the province.  New items are being added all the time.  

The full collection can be searched using the top-right search feature. To find items specifically from the basketball collection, click the "Browse All Artifacts" button and then use the "Search Within" feature.  

Meanwhile, the physical Hall of Fame and Museum continues to stand proudly at the Duckworth Centre at the University of Winnipeg.  Whether you're a seasoned fan or a casual observer, this digital platform provides a convenient way to delve into the stories and contributions of over 100 honoured players, teams, and builders.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Manitoba basketball as Musetoba bridges the gap between tradition and technology. Accessible from the comfort of your home, this online museum ensures that the vibrant history of the game remains just a click away. Take a stroll through time with Musetoba – where the love for basketball meets the convenience of the digital age.

View the full collection at …


Source: https://www.mbhof.com/2024/01/exploring-manitobas-basketball-past-new.html
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