Enroll Now for Mini Ballers 10-Week Winter Term Starting in January!


Fall is behind us, and we're getting ready for winter fun! Sign up for our 10-week Winter Term kicking off after the new year. Grab a spot in one of our classes – we've got a bunch with just a few spaces left... like 1-4 spots! Don't miss out!


Here's a quick rundown of our Winter Term schedule:


Weekend class times:

9:15 am- Infant/Toddler (1-2.5)

10:15 am- Preschool 1 (2.5-3.5)

11:15 am- Preschool 2 (3.5-5)

12:15 pm- School Age (5-8 year olds)



- Happy Though School (East Selkirk) (NEW location)

- École Templeton (Seven Oaks)

- Westdale CC (Charleswood)

- East Elmwood CC (Elmwood/Kildonans) (NEW)



- SWCC- Richmond (Fort Richmond)

- École Templeton (Seven Oaks)

- U Winnipeg Rec Plex (Downtown) (Formerly 83 West Gate)

-Oxford Heights CC (Transcona) (NEW)


Tuesday Mornings:

- Linden Woods CC (Linden Woods)

9:15 am- 1-3.5, 10:15 am- 3.5-6


Wednesday Evenings:


- Winakwa CC (Windsor Park) (NEW)

5:10 pm- School Age (5-8), 6:05 pm- School Age 3 x 3 (6-8)


- École Templeton (Seven Oaks) (NEW)

5:10 pm- School Age (5-8), 6:05 pm- School Age 3 x 3 (6-8)


Thursday Evenings:

- Linden Woods CC

5:10 pm- School Age (5-8), 6:05 pm- School Age 3 x 3 (6-8)


We understand this time of year is hectic with "all of the things," but we wouldn't want you to miss our 10-week winter programming from January to March.


To secure your spot in our Winter Term, simply visit our website at www.miniballers.ca, click on the registration tab, and filter by age, location, or program name. We can't wait to welcome both returning and new Mini Ballers to our program!


Note: We will be back at West Gate Mennonite Collegiate in the spring, we used U of W Rec Plex last year and love it!  

Camps: Save the Date!

As a reminder, we offer fun and engaging camps for 3-12 year olds. Our camps are a perfect balance between games, fun, arts, crafts, and basketball!


We will be hosting a spring break camp at Linden Woods CC and 6 weeks of summer camps city-wide.


Spring Break Camp- Releases in January

Summer Camp- Releases in March


Stay tuned for info, here is a video from our summer camps from last year.

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