The Westman Youth Basketball Association (WYBA) has announced they will be hosting open-run basketball sessions. On Mondays, they will be hosting girls grades 5 to 8 & boys grades 5 to 7; on Tuesdays, they will be hosting boys grades 8 & 9 and boys grades 10 to 12. The registration fee is $50, and there will be a limit of 40 participants per division. 

This new program will have 4 sessions and is a good place for intermediate & advanced players to have a game-like experience and apply their skills. They will do a quick team warmup (no basketballs) and announce the teams at the beginning of each session. Depending on the amount of participants that show up each day, they are going to adjust the game format.

Contact if you have any questions.

To register now, please click the following link

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