With the transition well underway to the CBOC style of referee jersey, MABO and Basketball Manitoba are excited to announce a special initiative that reflects our commitment to sustainability and supporting the growth of junior referees. With the introduction of the new CBOC referee basketball jersey, many MABO members may have the old black-sleeve and grey body jerseys sitting unused. We encourage all members to support this effort to recycle these jerseys and repurpose them for the next generation of junior referees. 

By doing so, we reduce waste and provide essential resources to the next generation of officials by ensuring that the used jerseys find new life and contribute to the development of young referees in our sport. 

There are 3 options available to get your used jerseys in the hands of MABO or Basketball Manitoba.  Donate your washed jersey(s) tops to...
  1. Your current area assignor at a future meeting or to their home.
  2. Bring them to your senior MABO clinic scheduled for later this fall and give them to the MABO representative at check-in.
  3. Drop them off or mail them to the Basketball Manitoba office located on the 3rd floor at 145 Pacific Ave in Winnipeg (R3B 2Z6).  Office hours are traditionally 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Items can also be dropped off daily between 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (or if the office is closed) at the main floor printshop at Sport Manitoba.  If doing so, please leave them in a sealed bag with "Basketball Manitoba" written on the bag.  

Thank you for your support!


Source: https://www.maboref.com/2023/09/recycle-your-old-referee-basketball.html
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