Today on the Basketball Manitoba Podcast, we have Graham Bodnar.

He is a staple in the basketball community.  If there is a basketball event, he will be there as a player, coach, or simply supporting in some way. 

He is a graduate of Providence College in Otterburne, Manitoba, where he lead his team to two MCAC Championships and two ACCA National Championships. During his time there, he was recognized as 2nd team All-Conference two times, as well as an academic All-American. 

He played professional 3x3 Basketball in 2014, qualifying for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour twice. Additionally, he played professionally in Japan for one season. 

He is a member of Canada’s Deaf National Basketball Team. He’s played in the USADB National Tournament, where he was named MVP, and his team won the Division 2 National Championship. Most recently, he participated in the Deaf Pan American Basketball Championships in Argentina. 

He is the current head coach and teaches at Richer School in South East Manitoba, a position he’s held for 14 years. 

He was the head coach of the Providence College women’s program, assisted with the men's program, and was a regular instructor at their summer camps.  Additionally, he’s coached for one year with the Manitoba Provincial Team program. 

Most people know him from his dominance in Sr Men’s, winning many championships over the years. However, he will remember for holding the “unofficial” record for playing on most teams simultaneously in a single season.  


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