Basketball Manitoba is proud to partner with Anti-Racism in Sport to co-host the “Introduction to Anti-Racism” webinar on Tuesday, June 28 from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. We welcome and encourage everyone in the basketball community to join the conversation! 

Winnipeg is a diverse and multicultural city, where 40% of the population identify as First Nations, Métis Nation, Inuit, Black, or Racialized. While that diversity and multiculturalism has built a strong and resilient city, many Winnipeggers continue to face racism and discrimination in all aspects of their lives, including their participation in sport.

The Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign seeks to address, disrupt and eliminate racism and discrimination in sport experienced by First Nations, Métis Nation, Inuit, Black, Racialized, and religious minority communities in Winnipeg.

About the Training

The Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign is pleased to bring you the free workshop, ‘Sport is not an equal playing field: An introduction to Anti-Racism Literacy and Action’. This interactive session is designed for all sport stakeholders (coaches, administrators, officials, parents, athletes, and board members).The free training module is 3 hours, delivered virtually via Zoom. Workshop participants will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • An introductory understanding of anti-racism literacy
  • Current state of racism and sport in Winnipeg
  • Skills and tools on how to be an anti-racist in sport
  • Workshop participants will receive a workbook that will enhance their engagement with the material.

To register as an individual, click on one of the following dates to sign up for that session.

Please visit to register for free for this important session.

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