The Canadian Concussion Priority Setting Partnership (PSP), led by Ottawa emergency physician-researcher Dr. Martin Osmond, is undertaking a national research priority setting for concussions.
The goal of the PSP is to determine the top 10 unanswered questions in concussion from the perspective of people who have had a concussion, caregivers who look after them, frontline clinicians who diagnose and treat concussions, and any others impacted by this injury. The overall aim is to advocate for research funding to be directed to the priorities of those who live with, and are most impacted by, concussions.
Phase 2 of the project has just launched, involving an online survey asking concussion patients, families, and healthcare professionals to select, from the list of 59 summary questions, the 10 questions that they feel are the highest priority to be answered by research. Dr. Osmond and his team are looking for a wide range of opinions from across Canada.
Please take 10-15 minutes to complete the survey and share it with others in your network who may be interested.

The survey is open until April 10, 2022.

The study is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) through the Canadian Concussion Network-Réseau Canadien des Commotions, the Ontario Ministry of Health, and the CHEO Research Institute. For more information about the project, visit
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