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Book of the Month

January Featured Book of the Month:

High-Performance Training for Sports, Second Edition, features contributions from global leaders in athletic performance training, coaching, and rehabilitation. This all-star team shares the cutting-edge knowledge and techniques they’ve used with Olympians, elite athletes, and teams from professional sport leagues around the world. In addition to fostering athletes’ speed, agility, jumping and landing capabilities, and anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, you’ll find six new chapters on programming for the in-season and off-season, learning and cueing, and having a positive impact on a training environment. To see more click here. 

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February Featured Book of the Month:

Lee Rose has been one of basketball’s most knowledgeable and respected coaches over the past 50 years at the high school, college, and professional levels. Winning Basketball Fundamentals presents his proven program for success, the same one he used in taking teams from two different colleges to the Final Four. From offense to defense to transition play and special situations, Rose covers every tactical facet of the game and adds his insights for improving execution in each. He presents popular offensive systems—the Triangle, LA, Flex, Dribble Drive, and Motion—as well as man-to-man and zone defensive schemes, with suggestions for when and how to deploy and adjust them. To see more click here.

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March Featured Book of the Month:

In Basketball: Steps to Success, Coach Hal Wissel covers the entire progression of technical and tactical development needed to become a complete player. From essential footwork to key principles of defense, this guide details the skills and tactics needed to excel in today’s game. Shooting off the catch and creating shots off the dribble, running two- and three-player offensive plays, and many more topics in the book will prepare players to succeed in every situation on the court. To see more click here.

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April Featured Book of the Month:

Morgan Wootten has retired from coaching, but his knowledge of the game remains unsurpassed and keen as ever. Coaching Basketball Successfully contains a wealth of Wootten’s timeless wisdom. And, in this third edition, Wootten adds even more value—the coaching experiences, methods, and tactics of his son Joe, a successful high school coach himself. Loaded with insights, instruction, drills, and Xs and Os, Coaching Basketball Successfully is the best single resource on making the most of your program, team, and players each season. To see more click here.

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May Featured Book of the Month:

Periodization of Strength Training for Sports demonstrates how to use periodized workouts to peak at optimal times by manipulating strength training variables through six training phases—anatomical adaptation, hypertrophy, maximum strength, conversion to specific strength, maintenance, and peaking. Coaches and athletes in 30 sports now have at their fingertips proven programs that take into consideration the specific phases and unique demands of their sport, along with information about the dominant energy system, limiting factors for performance, and objectives for strength training. No more guessing about preseason conditioning, in-season workloads, or rest and recovery periods—now it’s simply a matter of implementing the strategies in this book. To see more click here.

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June Featured Book of the Month:

Maximize the development of your athletes and team throughout the year, and just maybe win a postseason title in the process. Coaching Better Every Season: A Year-Round System for Athlete Development and Program Success presents a blueprint for such success, detailing proven coaching methods and practices in preseason, in-season, postseason, and off-season. The Coach Doc, Dr. Wade Gilbert, shares his research-supported doses of advice that have helped coaches around the globe troubleshoot their ailing programs into title contenders. His field-tested yet innovative prescriptions and protocols for a more professional approach to coaching are sure to produce positive results both in competitive outcomes and in the enjoyment of the experience for athletes and coaches. To see more click here.

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