The Basketball Coaches of Canada has announced that they are accepting applications to be part of its new coach mentorship program.  The mentorship program is to support the career goals of Canadian basketball coaches, leadership, career enhancement, and overall engagement within the Canadian basketball community.


Sessions will be approximately one season in length, driven by our mentees to provide them with a rich and well-rounded mentorship in which they are both open to learning, reflection, and growth.


Members can sign up for the mentorship program here or through our website and will be partnered with a mentor from our advisory board who meets their career needs.


Available mentors:


Roy Rana

Coach Rana has coached at every level in Canada’s Coach Development system and has deep experience internationally and professionally as well. His passion for coaches and their growth has helped many around him start their own journey.


Nicky Davis

When it comes to coaching our elite youth and preparing them for the next level, Coach Davis is as experienced as they comeWith over 30 years of experience coaching house league and rep, high school, college, AAU, and national teams, mentorship has shaped him into the coach he is.


Eddie Pomykala

With 30 years of coaching experience at the university, provincial and national level, Coach Pomykala is big on the fundamentals, mentoring coaches on the philosophy of coaching, attacking pressure defences, and stresses the importance of identifying your signature as a coach.


Ajay Sharma

In just 10 years, Coach Sharma has built a dynasty in Canadian women’s basketball. The two-time national champion, the four-time provincial champion has also coached at the national and professional levels.


Steve Konchalski

Coach Konchalski, the winningest coach in Canadian basketball, has over 60 years of coaching experience at the university and national levels. Coach K’s passion and expertise will be an asset to any mentee.


Jermaine Small

With an extensive history as both a player and a coach, two-time CEBL champion Coach Small has been able to turn programs around within his first year. His experience and passion for the game make him an incredible mentor.


Jay Triano

With extensive experience as both a player and a coach, Coach Triano has made his mark as one of the best coaches in the NBA. From the collegiate to National to professional level, Triano has shown the difference on the bench and in the locker room.


Carly Clarke

In just a 15-year coaching career, Coach Clarke has made quite the name for herself coaching at the university and national level, leading her teams to numerous championships.


Onsi Saleh

With years of front office experience, lawyer, and basketball strategist Saleh has spent several years serving in basketball operations with a focus on salary cap management, basketball strategy, and analysis of the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Adam Wedlake

For over 25 years Wedlake has been involved with sports administration at the heart of provincial and national organizations. His passion for the game and expertise in what keeps a program strong will be an asset to any mentee.

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