In 2017, at the Basketball Manitoba Annual General Meeting, the Basketball Manitoba membership voted to replace its obsolete constitution with a set of Bylaws and Policies. The bylaws describe the governance and structure of the sport organization and can only be changed by the membership at an AGM. The policies, however, can be adopted by the Board of Directors at any of the meetings held throughout the year. As you will find on the Basketball Manitoba website, we have policies covering a wide range of topics. As has been said many times, we hope never to have to use most of them, but nevertheless, they are necessary for the protection and accountability of everyone. 

Some are required by and have been adopted from Sport Manitoba and Canada Basketball as a condition of membership and funding. We now have over 30 different policies ranging from athlete protection, financial matters, codes of conduct/ethics, workplace harassment, social media, concussions, conflict of interest, and confidentiality, plus others. They are all listed and posted on this website.    

The most important thing for us to remember is that these policies apply to ALL of us - every member of every group that holds membership with Basketball Manitoba. This would include all staff, interns, Board Members, all players and coaches with all member leagues and clubs (WMBA, PBA, WAAY, WYBA, Peg City, ISL, PBL, adult women's and men's, etc.), all basketball officials and MABO Board members, all universities and colleges, all those associated with our Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum, and even all spectators at Basketball Manitoba events.   


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