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REMINDER: Winnipeg Team Mayhem Basketball Club has announced its upcoming summer camp training sessions for the following groupings with the links to the registration forms, with the dates, times, and location information. 

Each session is $25 with the exception of the $10 drop-in fee for the Sr. Men's, and Women's drop-in scrimmage fees. All sessions will be at Calvin Christian Collegiate - 706 Day St.

*  Boys and Girls  5 -7 year old                              *  Boys and Girls 8 – 11 year old

*  Girls  12 – 14 year old                                        *  Boys  12 – 14 year old      


*  Girls  15 – 17 year old                                        *  Boys  15 – 17 year old

*  Boys 13+  Shooting Training                             *  Girls 13+  Shooting Training

*  Sr. Men’s Open Gym Scrimmages                    *  Sr. Women’s Open Gym Scrimmages

Please feel free to email any questions to Coach Alex Barra at  You can also call or text at 204-295-2006.

Please note that the above basketball program has been approved by Basketball Manitoba as part of the Return to Basketball Plan.  The camp will be following the details showed in the plan and will be abiding by the current basketball phase if basketball is to be permitted at the time of the program.  All participants (players, coaches, volunteers and parents/caregivers) are expected to follow the new safety guidelines as detailed.  More information can be found HERE.

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