LESS THAN 25 NETS LEFT: Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce a new initiative to give away up to 250 FREE basketball nets to be installed on public courts across Manitoba!  The new "Nothin' But Nets" campaign aims to get every outdoor public basketball court outfitted with a new mesh this summer.  

We need your help!  

This campaign is being connected to the Manitoba Basketball Outdoor Court Map project where only outdoor courts appearing on the map are eligible to receive a free net.  The map feature currently has detailed court specs on over 200 outdoor public courts in Manitoba.  If your area outdoor public court is not already on the map, SUBMIT your specs first to us, then request your free nets.  

Basketball Manitoba will provide up to 2 high-quality basketball nets per court to the first 250 requests we receive this summer.  Those eligible under the terms of the campaign will receive the nets by mail shortly after submitting a request and then will be responsible for mounting the nets to the rim in their community.  Proof of the nets being mounted with a before and after photo will be required for the individual to remain eligible to receive future nets from Basketball Manitoba.   

There is no cost to request a net and requests can be made using the below form.  

Get out and enjoy our beautiful Manitoba summers on an outdoor court and make it all the more enjoyable with a free net from Basketball Manitoba!


STEP 1.  ON THE MAP? Check if your public basketball court appears on the Manitoba Basketball Outdoor Court Map
⇾ If YES, then proceed to STEP 2.  
⇾ If NO, SUBMIT your court specs to us

STEP 2.  ALREADY REQUESTED? Check the below Nets Request Summary to see if your public court already has a submitted nets request. 
⇾ If YES, then the new net should be showing up 2-3 weeks after the rested date shown.  
⇾ If NO, proceed to STEP 3

STEP 3.  REQUEST A NET!  Once you have addressed steps 1 and 2, you can now request a free basketball net from Basketball Manitoba by completing the below form at the bottom of this page. 

Can't see the below Nets Request Summary?  CLICK HERE to view it in a new window.

Can't see the below request form?  CLICK HERE to view it in a new window


Questions on the "Nothin' But Nets" initiative can be made to nets@basketballmanitoba.ca.  Requests for nets can be made in the above form.    

Building a new or renovating an old basketball court in Manitoba?  
Check out our Optimum Outdoor Basketball Court Specs document below!

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