The Manitoba Colleges Athletic Association (MCAC) has announced their decision to cancel the 2021 MCAC winter sport seasons for volleyball, BASKETBALL, and futsal as the provincial response level is still at Critical (RED) with no clear indication as to when it will change. 

 “Although this decision should come as no surprise, we are still disappointed for all the student-athletes, coaches, and fans that there will be no 2020-2021 varsity sport seasons,” said MCAC President Scott Masterson. 

Today was the last possible date set by the MCAC’s member institutions to approve the league’s 2021 winter sport seasons. 

“Our hope was that the Provincial Response level, and the relevant Return to Play protocols for each sport, would allow for training and competition to resume,” said Masterson. “However, we are currently nowhere near being able to do any of those activities and planning for seasons for this next semester is no longer a reasonable goal.” 

The MCAC’s focus will now turn to planning for the 2021-2022 seasons, working to provide the best possible experience for our student-athletes. 

“As long as our probationary period finishes as planned, the 2021-2022 season will be the MCAC’s first year as full members of the CCAA. All conference member schools are very excited about being able to send our conference champions to CCAA Nationals,” said Masterson. 

About the MCAC 

The MCAC is the governing body for intercollegiate athletics in Manitoba. Its mission is to foster the development of the student-athlete through the administration and promotion of intercollegiate athletics as part of the education experience and provide a leadership role in the development of sport in Manitoba. The MCAC supports the True Sport principals which help create a welcoming environment for all involved. MCAC student athletes compete in basketball, futsal, soccer and volleyball. Member institutions include Assiniboine Community College (Brandon), Brandon University (Brandon), Canadian Mennonite University (Winnipeg), Providence University College (Otterburne), Red River College (Winnipeg) and Universitรฉ de Sainte-Boniface (Winnipeg). 

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