The University of Manitoba Bison have announced a new Blood Drive challenge with other teams through Canadian Blood Services.

In Manitoba, only 2% of the people eligible to give blood donate each year even though the demand is high. For example, Winnipeg’s largest Hospital HSC, uses 13,000+ units of Blood/ year. Hospitals need it now as much as ever and you can help us to help them.

The team thinks we can make a positive impact in our community in a time of need. The good news is that YOU can be a part of the team. Please consider a donation Blood this month. Every donation from registered members of our team goes toward the total in this challenge

Consider this request as the coach subbing you in the game in the fourth quarter and the team need you to make a play!


  1. Not in Manitoba? You can donate anywhere in Canada at a Canadian Blood Services location under account "UNIV0091466".
  2. Don’t know how to donate?  Click on the links below and register as donor, join our team and make an appointment.
  3. Need more information on Donating blood?
  4. Already a donor? Please join our team(code: UNIV0091466) on in your profile

Join our team and help save lives. Join today at...

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