Coaches Matt Koenig of Alliance Athletics and Alex Barra from the Winnipeg Team Mayhem Basketball Club have released a new series of instructional athletic and basketball "Foundations" videos. They can be found below and on the group's YouTube pages.

Introduction by Matt Koenig from Alliance Athletics

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Introduction by Alex Barra of Team Mayhem Basketball Club

Description Video of all Exercises

Video # 1 - Knees and Ankles

Video # 2 - Posterior Chain

Video # 3 - Upper Body

Full instructional videos can be found on the Alliance Athletic Youtube Channel 


Ball Handling Part 1

Ball Handling Part 2

Ball Handling Part 3

Introduction to Lay - Ups

Lay-Ups Part 1

Lay-Ups Part 2

Lay-Ups Part 3

Shooting Part 1

Shooting Part 2

Shooting Part 3

Reverse Pivots and Rip-Away without Traveling

Step Across Attack and Hop Back Footwork

Footwork and Shooting:

Movement and Footwork with Shooting

Passing and Footwork

Alliance Athletics and Matt Koenig have added a number of exercises and routine videos to help prevent major injuries that are free to access below...

Coach Matt Koenig suggests the 3 videos with routines shown below, should be done before all practices and games. They will work the body in movements that will compensate for the movements not being generally done in basketball. This will strengthen and balance the body out, to help prevent major injuries.

Please reach out to us with any questions you might have:

WhatsApp: +1 204 891-6851
Website / Blog:
Instagram: @alliance_athletics_


Alex Barra
Director of Winnipeg Team Mayhem
Basketball Club

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