Sport Manitoba Coaching has announced a schedule offering all "Comp Intro Multisport" modules and most of the "Comp Dev" modules now with an online course option.  Note there are two Comp Dev modules that may not be able to complete solely through the online format (indicated on the below schedule.  All registrations, except home study, are through The Locker.  Coaches who would like to access the home study versions, please contact Susan Lamboo at Sport Manitoba Coaching at to assist with any registration.
NCCP Module Schedule (online)

To register please go to either the Sport Manitoba website or sign in to the NCCP Locker Calendar. You can also register for other provincial online courses if you would like.  Just click all provinces in the Locker Calendar to see all options.  

Intro to Competition Modules hosted by Sport Manitoba Coaching
Competition Development Modules (Canada Games requirements)
* Home study options are available for all modules except ones with a (*) please contact Susan at for more details

Professional Development Options
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