Manitoba's Addison Martin has been named the recipient of the winner of the CW Courage Overcoming Adversity award after showing her commitment to the game of basketball while persevering with grace through loss and challenge.

In the summer of 2016, Martin suffered the second torn ACL of her career after previously tearing her other ACL during her Grade 11 season. Spending the entire 2016-17 season rehabbing from her injury, Martin has worked tirelessly to return and compete at the highest level. This season, the Winnipeg native averaged 11.6 points per game, while posting 7.8 rebounds per game.

Away from basketball, Martin has worked even harder for her family. Following the passing of her mother in early 2017, Martin and her twin sister were forced to find a new home for themselves and their younger brother. Since then, Martin has balanced her studies, sport, and family with a job to ensure she and her family are taken care of.

Her ability to balance a busy schedule and ensure the best for her family has proven to be an inspiration.

  • Manitoba Bisons
  • Forward
  • 4th-year
  • Winnipeg, Man.
  • Environment, Earth & Resources

Coach's comments:

"I’m so proud of Addison. She has been handed some extremely hard situations in the last four years but she has managed to stay positive, to be a support to so many others & continues to strive for improvement every day. On top of the big picture, she has managed to improve every year with us on the basketball court. She had her best statistical year in scoring, rebounding, & steals and we are happy she is getting recognized for her hard work."  – Manitoba Head Coach Michelle Sung.
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