As a new addition to the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum, we have added a section of the original floor from the University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre. The piece of the original floor, which was installed in 1984, was taken from the centre-jump circle and was salvaged when the floor was replaced in 2017.

The floor was played on by all of the best players in Manitoba including Wesmen Hall of Fame honoured Hall of Fame members including Sandra Carroll, Jeff Foreman, Beth Cochran, Norm Froemel, Erin Soroko-Drazic and Belaineh DeGuefe, as well as the many successful Wesmen teams over the years. This newest addition to our Hall of Fame and Museum collection means that, including this newest artifact, we now have preserved sections of the original floors from the old U of M Bison East Gym and the U of W Riddell Hall.

Your Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated to preserving the glorious history of basketball in Manitoba. Any donations of further items are always welcome.

Source: Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame
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