All-Manitoba Nominations AcceptedBasketball Manitoba is seeking volunteers to serve on the Basketball Manitoba Awards Selection Committee to help determine the players and coaches being honoured this year.  The Graduating All-Star Games for the A, AA, AAA and AAAA high school basketball levels along with an awards banquet will occur on Saturday, April 18 at St. Paul's High School and the Victoria Inn Hotel.  The day will recognize the achievements of players and coaches including the naming of the All-Manitoba Teams, Player of the Year and Coaches of the Year from the current basketball season.   For us to properly recognize those deserving, we will require a representative from each of the below levels to offer their input and communication on the outcomes of the voting and help out at the All-Star Games and Banquet...
  1. A Girls
  2. A Boys
  3. AA Girls
  4. AA Boys
  5. AAA Girls
  6. AAA Boys
  7. AAAA Girls
  8. AAAA Boys
If you are interested and available to serve on the selection committee, please contact Adam Wedlake at indicating your interest, level and contact information by Friday, February 14, 2020.  The selection meeting will occur on the evening of Tuesday, March 24.

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