Following a successful playing career at the high school (Oak Park) and university levels, which culminated in being selected to the Manitoba Provincial Teams, named a conference All-Star with the Manitoba Bisons, played one year with the Brandon Bobcats, and then playing semi-professional basketball in the Philippines.  Lenin's journey from being a successful player to becoming a dedicated coach showcases his deep passion for basketball and commitment to passing on his knowledge and love for the game to others.  Starting from coaching the JV Boys Basketball team at Elmwood High School in 2001, he has steadily progressed through various coaching positions, significantly impacting each step.

His tenure coaching junior high, high school, and club basketball teams has been marked by remarkable achievements, including multiple City and Provincial Championships.  Lenin's collaboration with Coach Larry Marquardson at Sargent Park School underscores his ability to work effectively within a coaching team, leveraging each other's strengths to bring out the best in their players.

Furthermore, his involvement with Winnipeg Hotshots, Attack Basketball, the Filipino-Canadian National team, and the Manitoba Provincial Team demonstrates his coaching prowess at the representative level, guiding talented young players to compete at a high standard.

Currently serving as a Principal at Glenelm School, Lenin continues to intertwine his passion for basketball with his professional responsibilities, actively coaching the game to his students and engaging with the Filipino community, thereby enriching the lives of those he interacts with both on and off the court.  

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