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The Junior Bisons Basketball program have announced a fall offering of basketball development program called Mini-Basket targetting girls and boys in grades 1-5 that will ruin Sundays in October and November from 1:00 - 2:30 pm.  Details can be found below...

Image result for junior bisons basketball club basketballmanitoba.caOctober 20-November 24, 2019


Girls & Boys Grades 1-5
*Players will be split up into separate courts according to age and skill level

This program will be run by Bison Head Basketball Coaches Kirby Schepp & Michele Sung along with their Assistant coaches, alumni and current Bison athletes.


Program Description:

Mini-Basket is designed for school, community or club basketball players and programs.  The philosophy of Mini-Basket is to allow children to play a game that is better suited to the development of their physical, mental and basketball skills by instituting long term athlete development (LTAD) modifications to the adult game.  With high repetitions and touches, it is player oriented with the emphasis is on skill development in combination with the teaching and loading of actions.

The aim of Mini-Basket is to provide a rich and high-quality experience for youth basketball players.  In turn, a positive experience will help foster their passion as they grow with the sport.  The emphasis of Mini-Basket is on the quality of the experience and its appropriateness to the age and ability of the participant. 

The adult game of basketball is played with a large ball, a full court and ten-foot hoops.  In Mini-Basket, the size of the ball, court size and number of players is reduced and the height of the hoop is lowered.  There are fewer rules that are gradually introduced as the player’s progress in their skill development and understanding of the game, keeping it developmentally appropriate.

Benefits of Mini-Basket

  • Benefit 1: Increased Handling of the Ball
  • Benefit 2: Better Spacing
  • Benefit 3: Focus on Basketball Skills & Actions
  • Benefit 4: More Directed Competition

University of Manitoba Frank Kennedy Centre-New Gym

ONLINE Registration ONLY

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*If you have any registration/account issues please call our Customer Service Line at 204-474-6100.

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