Basketball Manitoba is pleased to offer support to families travelling into Winnipeg for Provincial Team activities during the course of the program.  The program has set aside funding support in the Provincial Team budget to assist families in this situation.  The funds will be split on a percentage basis among all eligible families in the program based on the information submitted to us below.  This support is available to people living a minimum of a 40 km one-way distance from the Perimeter Highway.

Basketball Manitoba is also able to recognize Winnipeg-based families with $15.00 per night who offer up their homes to allow for a rural athlete to be billeted, reducing the time and costs of travelling for program activities.  Hosts who are eligible for billeting support must house athletes who reside outside the same 40 km one-way distance.

  • All attempts of carpooling where possible must be taken advantage of to reduce the total amount of travel.
  • All claims, distances and night stays are subject to verification based on PT practice/competition schedules.
  • Claims cannot include trips made to Winnipeg for the tryouts.  Financial support for tryouts is available from your respective Regional Sport Association.  Contact your RSA at 1-866-774-2220 or or reference the below documents on that additional support.

Please complete the below form by August 31 of the current year to be eligible for financial support.  Late forms will not be accepted.  Data collected in the submission include the return trip distance to and from the basketball activity to your home, the total number of trips made over the course of the program, and some contact information.   

We suggest making a note of the number of trips you make over the course of the program as they occur and then multiplying that with the return trip distance.

Can't see the below form?  CLICK HERE to view it in a new window.  

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