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    August 15, 2018

    Team Manitoba Basketball Summer 2018 Recap

    The Manitoba Provincial Team has just wrapped up its summer of 2018 at the Canada Basketball National Championships over the weekend.  The 4 teams finished...

    • 17U Female - 5th Place (3W - 3L record)
    • 15U Male - 6th Place (3W - 3L record)
    • 17U Male - 7th Place (4W - 2L record)
    • 15U Female - 8th place (2W - 4L record)

    Selected at the National Championships as an All-Canadian was 17U Male Kyler Filewich and 17U Female Anna Kernaghan for outstanding play in the national tournament.

    All-Canadian Anna Kernaghan
    All-Canadian Kyler Filewich
    Basketball Manitoba would like to thank all the players, coaches, parents and sponsors in the program for their support through the summer!




    17U MALE

    17U FEMALE

    15U MALE

    15U FEMALE


    • PP = Practice Player
    • HC = Head Coach
    • AC = Assistant Coach

    To view this information properly on a smartphone, rotate your device to a 'landscape' position to see all the data.  

    15U FEMALE
    2Emilia BanmannForward6' 0"Winnipeg148St Mary's Academy
    3Samantha OnyebuchiForward5' 9"Dugald159College Pierre Elliot Trudeau
    4Raia GuintoForward5' 6"Winnipeg138Meadows West School
    5Olivia WeekesGuard5' 8"Winnipeg149Henry G Izatt School
    6Treyah PaquetteGuard5' 5"Winnipeg138Windsor School
    7Tanah BeckerGuard5' 11"Winnipeg127Linden Meadows School
    8Hannah OlugbodiForward5' 9"Winnipeg148Acadia Junior High School
    9Elizabeth DueckForward5' 11"Winnipeg159College Jeanne Sauve
    10Alyssa PorcoForward5' 11"East St Paul149River East Collegiate
    11Ayva KhanForward5' 10"Winnipeg148Ecole River Heights School
    14Leah RossForward5' 11"Winnipeg148Grant Park High School
    15Taira AboladeForward6' 2"Niverville149Niverville Collegiate Institute
    PPBrooke SchraderForward5' 11"Headingley148Lincoln Middle School
    PPAbimbola AdewumiForward5' 9"Winnipeg148Acadia Junior High
    HCStephen RalkoHeadWinnipeg
    ACMaggie HiebertAssistantWinnipeg
    ACMichael TanAssistantWinnipeg

    15U MALE
    2Joshua NwachukwuForward6' 3"Winnipeg159Acadia School
    3James RaeGuard6' 3"Winnipeg159Oak Park High School
    4Elijah GrantGuard5' 10"Winnipeg149Vincent Massey Collegiate
    5Mekhi LisanGuard5' 7"Winnipeg148Amber Trails Comm School
    6Aka EbubechukwuForward6' 1"Winnipeg159Glenlawn Collegiate
    7Joshua ShyllonGuard5' 10"Winnipeg159Kelvin High School
    8Brayden LongstreetForward6' 3"Winnipeg159College Beliveau
    9Enny SulimanForward6' 1"Winnipeg148St. Maurice School
    10Nathaniel BanguraForward6' 2"Winnipeg159John Taylor Collegiate
    11Logan KrausGuard6' 1"Winnipeg149Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
    12Lota OfforForward6' 6"Winnipeg159Vincent Massay Collegiate
    14Simon HildebrandtGuard6' 6"Winnipeg159MBCI
    PPBrendan AmoyawGuard6' 1"Winnipeg148Grant Park High School
    PPAlex AngGuard5' 7"Winnipeg159Henry G. Izatt Middle School
    PPD'ontea CameronGuard6' 1"Winnipeg159Miles Macdonell Collegiate
    HCDan BeckerHeadWinnipeg
    ACDaron LeonardAssistantWinnipeg
    ACJon JanzenAssistantWinnipeg

    17U FEMALE
    2Holly KlassenGuard5' 8"Winnipeg1711Oak Park High School
    3Emily MandaminGuard5' 11"Winnipeg1510Dakota Collegiate
    4Anna KernaghanGuard5' 8"Winnipeg1611Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
    5Lauren BartlettGuard5' 4"Winnipeg1611Oak Park High School
    6Rusheda GibbsGuard5' 7"Winnipeg1711Daniel Mcintyre Collegiate
    7Lana ShypitGuard5' 9"Winnipeg1711Glenlawn Collegiate
    8Emily JohnsonGuard5' 11"Winnipeg1711Oak Park High School
    9Claire SignatovichForward6' 1"Winnipeg1711Oak Park High School
    11Aira AbelloGuard5' 6"Winnipeg1510Sisler High School
    12Abby SmithForward6' 2"Winnipeg1510Dakota Collegiate
    13Izabella MarquezGuard5' 11"Winnipeg1510Oak Park High School
    14Macaila RussellForward5' 9"Winnipeg1610Miles Macdonell Collegiate
    PPNikki GebkenForward5' 9"Cartier1610St. Mary's Academy
    PPMadan FrolekForward6' 1"Winnipeg1610Miles Macdonell Collegiate
    PPCatherine MarquezGuard5' 6"Winnipeg1610Ecole Oak Park High School
    HCMegan NoonanHeadWinnipeg
    ACSara GillisAssistantBeaconia
    ACKerri KuzbytAssistantWinnipeg
    MCTanya McKayMentorWinnipeg

    17U MALE
    3Marcus ForemanForward6' 9"East Selkirk1711Dakota Collegiate
    4Dontae AlexanderGuard6' 3"Winnipeg1711St. Paul's High School
    5Matt MedranoGuard6' 4"Winnipeg1711Sisler High School
    6Mason KrausGuard6' 1"Winnipeg1610Sturgeon Heights Collegiate
    7Tito ObasotoGuard6' 3"Winnipeg1510Fort Richmond Collegiate
    8Malachi AlexanderGuard6' 0"Winnipeg1711Sisler High School
    9Luke CardinalGuard6' 1"Winnipeg1611St. Paul's High School
    10Paul FranciscoGuard6' 1"Winnipeg1611Kelvin High School
    11Trevonne JulianGuard6' 3"Winnipeg1711River East Collegiate
    12Donald StewartForward6' 8"Winnipeg1711Vincent Massey Colliegate
    13Jonam KazadiForward6' 6"Winnipeg1510St. Paul's High School
    14Kyler FilewichForward6' 8"Winnipeg1611Vincent Massey Collegiate
    PPJackson TachinskiGuard6' 3"Winnipeg1611Vincent Massey Collegiate
    PPDami FarinloyeGuard6' 2"Winnipeg1610Vincent Massey Collegiate
    PPDavid-Emmanuel AyeForward6' 4"Winnipeg1610Dakota Collegiate
    HCNick LotherHeadWinnipeg
    ACDean FavoniAssistantWinnipeg
    ACRobert TibbsAssistantWinnipeg

    Full information on the program and timelines can be found at  
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