Want your players to become star passers? Well, the game “Star Passing” can make them into one. This game/drill allows your players to work on passing and receiving and it gives the players a lot of touches throughout the game.
Divide the players into small groups of 5 or 6. Have each group spread out in a circle (or star) with 1 basketball.
  1. Determine a pattern for the ball to work its way around the circle
  2. A suggested pattern is “passing two to the right” (see Diagram below)Star_Passing
  3. Each player should receive and make a pass before the pattern repeats
SKILL FOCUSPassing, Receiving, Coordination, Speed
AGE (STAGE)6-9 (FUNdamentals)
  • Coach passers to step into the pass and follow-through with their hands
  • Ensure catchers are providing a target for the pass
  • Teach players to communicate, calling the names of the player they are passing to
  • Encourage players to speed up their passes to challenge themselves
  • Spread out so passes are further away
  • Have players practice each type of pass
  • Slowly introduce more balls into the drill, further challenging concentration
  • Reverse the pattern, flipping the direction of the passing pattern
Phase B
  • Introduce 5 defenders to act as guided defenders attempting to disrupt passes
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Source: The SNYB Blog https://ift.tt/2vGX2qU
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