This is a game I like to play with the kids to improve their awareness of their immediate surroundings and dribbling skills while being able to copy/mimic movements of other players. If they don’t keep their head up, they may bump into the head of the snake!
Divide the players into groups of 3 (or 4 if necessary). Have players spaced out in the gym, lined up one behind the other in their group with two balls per group. First player is the “head” (without a ball) and acts as the leader. Second player is the “body” (with a ball) and follows the leader, while dribbling. Third player is the “tail” (with a ball) and follows the first two players.
  1. The “head” of each group directs their snake around the gym
  2. The “body” and “tail” of each group follows the leader
  3. Whistle to switch roles: the “body” becomes the head, the “tail” becomes the body, the “head” becomes the “tail”
  • Encourage the “head” to vary their lead (fast, slow, sideways, stopping, sharp corners, etc.)
  • Coach the followers (“body” and “tail”) to dribble with their heads up
SKILL FOCUSMovement, Balance, Coordination
AGE (STAGE)6-9 (FUNdamentals)
EQUIPMENTBasketballs (See phases)
  • Player 1 moves around the gym with player 2 and 3 in tow
  • As player 1 moves throughout the gym, they can stop at hoops and have the tail players take shots on the hoops or make lay-ups
Phase B
  • Have player 1 attempt to lose the players in tow, changing directions or running through other snakes
  • Ensure player 1 does not go more than 50% of their full speed
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