This is a great shooting game that players can play outside of practice while giving the players a goal to reach in a friendly competition.
Have players partner up with one basketball at a hoop. The first player shooting starts at one of the elbows while the other player is getting ready to rebound.
  1. Have the one player go from elbow to elbow shooting shots
  2. If they make the shot, it is plus 2 and if they miss the shot it is minus 1
  3. Shoot until a player either gets to minus 5 or plus 7
  4. If a player gets to plus 7, they get one point
  5. The first player to three points wins
  6. Players have 2 options of moving from elbow to elbow: they can either slide across the free-throw line, or they can slide around the key
AGE (STAGE)9-12 (Learn-to-Train Stage)
  • Have players focus on proper shooting mechanics
  • Make sure players are low and shot ready as they come into the shot
  • Change the plus/minus figures for more of a challenge (i.e. plus 1, minus 1 or plus 2, minus 1, etc.)
  • Make it a timed game, providing the players with some shot pressure while increasing their heart rate and cardio
  • Modify the scores they have to reach (i.e. minus 10 or plus 10) for a greater challenge
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