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    June 1, 2020

    Give Dad The Gift of a Basketball Specialty Licence Plate This Father's Day

    Motorcycle plates are also available 
    Looking for a great gift for your basketball-loving dad this Father's Day?  Give him the gift of a basketball specialty licence plate from your local MPI Autopac agent!  To do this, you can visit any of the 300+ Manitoba Autopac agents and purchase a basketball plate for $70.00 so long as you, the person giving the gift has a qualifying active policy with MPI.  You can then give the new unused basketball plates to your father (or husband, brother, uncle, son, nephew, etc) along with written authorization as a gift to them to then take the plates and letter to their own Autopac agent to have the new basketball plates added to their own MPI policy.

    The text of a sample letter that can be copied to a new document, edited and used is... (replace the bolded info with your own)



    To whom it may concern,

    I NameOfPersonWhoPurchasedBasketballPlates (Policy number XXXXXXXXX) give NameOfPersonRecievingBasketballPlates permission to now own basketball specialty licence plate number BK0000 effective immediately.

    Thank you,




    Learn more about the basketball specialty licence plates here...

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