Basketball Manitoba has been approached by a movie producer who is filming a number of basketball scenes for a Hollywood produced movie that is being filmed in both the Winnipeg and Selkirk areas.  The producers are looking for local male basketball players who are currently 16 years old.  The details and contact information can be found below...

Male Basketball players age 16 yrs. for Major Hollywood Feature Film
  • Commitment anywhere from 1 day to multiple days
  • 2 Days Rehearsal (not a full day commitment)
    • Monday March 26 AND Tuesday March 27 - AND -
  • Current Shoot dates (subject to change):
    • SELKIRK - Friday, March 30th, 2018 (this day is a MUST)
    • SELKIRK - Wednesday, April 11th
    • SELKIRK - Friday, April 13th
    • WINNIPEG - Wednesday, April 18th
    • WINNIPEG - Thursday, April 19th
    • WINNIPEG - Monday, April 23rd
    • WINNIPEG - Tuesday, May 1st
  • You must be fully available for a 12 hours call except on practice days.
If you are interested and available, please email 2 photos to BOTH these email addresses... AND
  • Photo 1: head shot/current photo from chest up
  • Photo 2: full length shot can be in uniform
  • Subject line in email : Project TI / BB player / player's name (age)
  • In body of email state:
    • If you are ACTRA (include number) or non-union
    • 1. Player's full name
    • 1b. Parent(s) / guardian(s) name(s)
    • 2. Age
    • 3. Parent/guardian contact number
    • (If you are self-submitting please CC your agent)
    • 4a. Please state his availability for the above dates
    • 4b. State any days between March 28th and May 8th he is NOT available for (should the shoot dates change)
    • 5. State his following measurements in Imperial numbers (feet, inches, pounds, etc):
      • Height:
      • Weight:
      • Chest:
      • Typically wears top size:
      • Waist:
      • Inseam:
      • Typically wears bottom size:
      • Shoe:
      • Hat:
    • 6. State what team he plays for
    • 7. Briefly state basketball experience (how long been playing)
    • 8. State his school, what city it's in and coaches name
If any of their family members 16 yrs and older are interested in being fans (friends, girlfriends, classmates, parents and grandparents) in the stands, we would also encourage them to submit!

Don't procrastinate, submit now!  Players will be presented to the director ASAP.  Tell your son to spread the word to his teammates.

Thanks and feel free to share this.

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