This game, formerly known as “Bump” is a popular game for all ages across basketball and with good reason, it is very FUN and simultaneously improves shooting techniques.
This game is called “Knockout” because this specific activity does not involve “bumping” away the competitors ball. Not only does this game work on proper shooting techniques, but also rebounding, learning how to follow your shot, passing efficiently to the next player in line and working on layups when the first shot attempt is missed.
Try this game at your next practice and watch your players have fun while competing at a fast pace and learning the specific skills needed to play the game of basketball.
Check out the video below as C.J. McCollum demonstrates how to play the game and feel free to post your comments, thoughts and opinions below!

DESCRIPTIONHave players line up at the free throw line, the first two with balls.  Depending on the number of players, there can be two games going on at different baskets. First player shoots the ball, if they miss continue to shoot until they score. Once players score, they pass to the next person in line and join the back of the line. If a person scores before the person in front of them, the player who shot first is eliminated. Both players return the balls to the next players in line and the person who scored, joins the back of the line. The last person standing wins.
SKILL FOCUSShooting, balance, passing, rebounding
AGE (STAGE)8+ ( Learn-to-train stage)
EQUIPMENT 2 basketballs each group
VARIATION: KnockoutIf free throw line is too far away for the specific age group, set a designated spot the coach feels is appropriate
Too make the game harder, add the “bumping” aspect for the athletes
Key Teaching PointsEnsure players are using proper shooting techniques
Ensure eyes are looking at the rim at all times
Ensure athletes are following their shot on the miss for the rebound
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