Drive & Dish emphasizes development of offensive attacking and passing, while improving players’ on-ball awareness and patience.
Coaches should ensure that the key teaching point of this drill is for the offensive attacker to be able to read the play and make the best decision. The defenders should not commit to a defensive assignment until the ball has entered the key, forcing the ball handler to make a quick decision.
DESCRIPTION· Divide the players into groups of 5-6
· Assign each group a basket, should be 3 players on offence, two on defence
· Groups will play short possessions of 3-on-2
· Two offensive players will start at the blocks being guarded by the two defensive players, the ball handler will start at the top (unguarded)
· The ball handler will attack the paint, forcing the defenders to react
· If a defender leaves to stop the ball, the ball handler should pass to the open player (see diagram below)
· If no defender leaves to stop the ball, the ball handler should drive in for a layup
· Rotate players through each position and change teams
SKILL FOCUSBall Handling, Passing
AGE (STAGE)9+ (Learn-to-Train)
VARIATION:Switch the starting position of the ball handler or other offensive players
For advanced players, progress to 4-on-3 possessions
Keep score, awarding points for made baskets and rotating teams (offence to defence)
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