Strong Stance is a simple drill designed to emphasize the importance of balance and positioning while holding the basketball.
Before you get started, make sure that your players have been taught a proper triple threat position – see here for more information.
Once the proper positioning has been established, this drill is a great way to put the triple threat position into action in a way that is easy to understand. There are a few things coaches should really focus on throughout the duration of the drill:
  • Emphasize body control and holding the ball firmly with both hands
  • Coach players to get low, grip the ball tightly, and be strong in their position
  • Have players practice their jab steps and pump fakes
It also gives your athletes a chance to work on their dribbling skills – make sure to encourage athletes to keep their head up while dribbling and challenge them to dribble using both hands.
  • Have players dribble freely around the gym
  • On the whistle, players pick up their dribble and adopt triple threat position
  • Have coaches and volunteers walk around the gym, gently pushing players or their ball
  • Start and stop the game regularly to keep it moving
SKILL FOCUSFootwork, Balance, Coordination, Ball-Handling
AGE (STAGE)6+ (FUNdamentals, L2T)
VARIATION:Have players divide into partners, taking turns holding the position and providing resistance
Have players dribble around the playing surface using only their off-hand
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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