The Fort Garry Brewing Men's Basketball League has announced that it will be taking registrations for age 18+ teams for the 2017-18 season. Details include....

League Information

2017-2018 League Updates

1.     Duckworth Gym has undergone $300,000 in renovations: Brand new Centre court, refinished East and West courts, and new wireless integrated scoreboards and shot-clocks installed!
2.     Player of the Week awards will be distributed throughout the season to recognize both talent and sportsmanship! Stay tuned for more information on our award sponsors.
3.     Schedule requests are welcome and we will do our very best to accommodate! Teams can book off specific dates (ex. Super Bowl, Valentine's Day...) and select a night they prefer not to play. Requests are not guaranteed but our experienced scheduler will accommodate as many as possible.
4.     Schedule for first 7 games will be released prior to opening week and entire remainder of schedule will be released shortly after divisional realignment.
5.     Site supervision will be provided by league coordinators to answer questions, expedite ID checks, receive feedback, and provide consistent communication to our members.
6.     As always, certified referees are provided by Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials and insurance is provided by Basketball Manitoba.

Important Team Registration Information

1.     Registration opens August 15th and closes September 15th.
2.     16 regular season games and one playoff game are guaranteed (divisions realigned after game 7).
3.     Team registration is $2050 (including taxes), due September 22 (no forfeit deposit required, best per game value!)

Free agents looking to join a team should email with your full name, contact information, experience levelpreferred divisions, position, and any other biographical information you want to share. The Free Agent page will be updated as emails are received.

To register your team, go to the LEAGUE WEBSITE 

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