Dribble – Pivot – Shoot. Three important progressions to help a player get away from their defender and give them an opportunity to shoot.
Begin the drill by having one player at each basket with a basketball. Throughout the drill the player will be rebounding for them-self as they take the shots from the three locations. Encourage players to push themselves to go as fast as they can, and make sure they always have their body square to the basket before they take their shot.
On your signal, the player will dribble to the short corner, pivot, and take a mid-range shot. After obtaining the rebound, they will dribble to the opposite short-corner. The player must make 4 baskets before moving on to the next progression.
After 4 shots have been made, they will then move further away from the net to the wings. They will again dribble to a wing, pivot, shoot, and then chase the rebound. Again, they must make 4 shots before moving on to the final progression.
The final progression is at the top of the key. The player must make 4 baskets before completing the drill. All in all, 12 baskets should be made. As the coach, you can use your discretion and alter where the players must shoot from. Once the players have grasped the drill try making teams and have players go through it one at a time until each player per team has completed it. You can also add a defender, or even a time component to make sure they are going as fast as they can.
Watch the video below for further demonstration, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • One player per basket with a basketball.
  • Players will dribble to the short corner, pivot, and take a mid-range shot. They will then get their rebound and dribble to the opposite corner, pivot and shoot. This continues until 4 baskets have been made from the low corners.
  • The next shooting spot is the wing. Players must make 4 baskets to be able to move on.
  • The final spot is the top of the key where they must make 4 baskets to complete the drill.
SKILL FOCUS Shooting, Dribbling, Pivot
AGE (STAGE) 9+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT 1 Basketball per net
VARIATION:Once the players have grasped the basics of the drill, add a defender or even a time component.
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